The Almaty City Heart Center is furnished with modern medical equipment from the world’s lead manufacturers. The cutting-edge equipment and expendables, along with trained medical staff, makes it possible to perform sophisticated stenting procedures, both in multi-vessel disease and left main lesions, as well as manage chronic total occlusions. High mortality rate seen in myocardial infarction patients with prior chronic total occlusion of one and especially two coronary arteries mandates timely recanalization of chronic occlusions.

Dr. Masahisa Yamane, Director of the Cardiovascular division of the Sayama Hospital, Japan.

The Almaty City Heart Center is a highly specialized clinic, which provides cardiological care to the city population. Emergency cardiological care, coronary angiography, coronary artery stenting, and coronary artery bypass grafting procedures are performed here on a daily and round-the-clock basis. Every effort is made to get the patients recover as soon as possible in particular after coronary stenting and endovascular interventions, so that patients can resume their work and daily routine as early as possible.

To this purpose, coronary angiography and stenting are conventionally performed via radial access. Modern equipment in the cathlabs ensures quality and comfort for both, patients and doctors, during the wide range of operations performed at Almaty City Heart Center. The highly skilled and motivated team of doctors and nurses with an unique experience in performing interventional procedures in patients admitted for acute coronary syndrome, is a winning feature of the clinic.